Ameritek offers many financing options to its customers. 

With multiple financing partners, we have a solution that will help your company budget and grow as your technology needs grow. 

No Need to Compromise

You don’t have to postpone or delay putting the latest and best equipment/software to work for you. Enjoy productivity improvement with the right tool for the job.

100% Financing

Leasing offers you the productivity of the equipment/technology you require while meeting cash flow needs. Additionally, “soft” costs such as installation, freight, or equipment set up and service contracts can be included in the monthly payment.

Provides a Hedge Against Inflation

Lease payments are fixed and allow you to pay for today’s equipment/software with tomorrow’s dollars as you earn them.

Preserves Cash and Credit Lines

Leasing is a proven way to conserve capital while acquiring needed equipment/software. Leasing does not tie up existing credit lines. It allows you to keep capital available for critical areas such as personnel, inventory, or advertising.

Low Monthly Payments

We can customize a lease plan that will fit your budget needs. Payments can be lower than conventional financing.

No Down Payment

This preserves and protects your cash flow, making your money available to work for you rather than sinking it into a depreciating asset.

Flexible Lease Terms

Choose from a variety of lease terms to suit your individual needs. We will quote all options so you can make an informed decision.

Option to Buy

If you decide you want to own the equipment/software at the end of the lease, simple pay the amount specified in the terms of the lease.

Easier Budget Forecasting

Fixed monthly payments allow you to accurately forecast budgets.

Here are some of the options your clients have to acquire your solution, and the pros and cons of each.


A non-cancelable contract extending over a fixed period of time.


  • $1.00 and 10% leases provide benefits of ownership
  • CFL leases may provide tax advantages
  • 100% financing
  • Preserves bank lines and conserves capital
  • Fixed terms & payments
  • Flexible terms
  • Easy add-on/trade-up
  • Full use without ownership
  • Creates new credit source
  • Lets you pay for the equipment as you see it


  • Non-cancelable agreement


A non-cancelable contract repaid in regular installments.


  • Benefits of ownership
  • May provide tax advantages


  • Relatively short term
  • Extensive paperwork
  • Covenant restrictions
  • Ties up credit lines
  • No obsolescence protection
  • May require compensating balances, down payment, and origination fee
  • Likely to be on a variable interest rate
  • Non-cancelable agreement


Use of working capital for acquistions.


  • Benefits of ownership
  • May provide tax advantages
  • No financing charge


  • Depletes cash reserves
  • No obsolescence protection
  • Creates price shoppers