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Average printing cost can add up to 1% to 6% of your total revenue. If unmanaged, this cost can easily spin out of control. Implementing a print strategy through Managed Print Services could provide your organization with a cost savings up to 35 %. We currently manage thousands of print devices for a variety of organizations. We provide the people, the platform and proactive services to keep your printer running smoothly.

A Managed Print Services program takes the frustration and inefficiencies caused by ineffective print equipment out of your hands. MPS programs put your print technology responsibilities into the hands of company equipped with a team of print professionals to fully monitor and manage all your printing needs. Entering into a Managed Print Service program will provide continued cost savings and allow your staff to focus on their task and priorities.

MPS Defined

MPS or Managed Print Services is a program that streamlines printer management, monitors usage and minimizes cost associated with printing. MPS programs work to minimize costs by supplying you with the quality technology your business goals require and monitoring the use of this equipment to see where performance changes can be made.

Many MPS programs save organizations money because they allow employees to focus on their priorities by leaving printing technology responsibilities to experienced professionals who perform these tasks on a daily basis. There are many components involved when you enter into a Managed Print Service program.

MPS Phase 1: Initial Assessment

Each MPS program begins with an assessment of your current print technology and your desired business goals. This allows us to understand your current printing costs. An assessment should be performed to uncover inefficiencies and identify cost saving opportunities.

Document productivity, distribution and output are some of the last un-audited expenses in an organization, yet its expense is up to 6% of total revenue of a organization. Through comprehensive analysis of your print environment, there is a potential to reduce the cost up to 35%, while increasing work productivities. One of the best parts of the assessment is that it depicts, in an actual dollar amount, the estimated savings your company could experience.

Technology Overview

During the initial assessment we will inventory your current equipment. This includes documenting the types of printing devices, the number of devices, unique models, age and if the device is networked.

The results often surprise many organizations. This is because many organizations lack an overall strategy for their print environments and equipment purchases are made as needed, without regards to any long range plan.

The Components of a MPS Program

It’s More Than a Service, It’s a Partnership

Managed Print Service or MPS is an ongoing partnership between you and Ameri-Tek Document Solutions. A MPS program is specifically designed for your organization’s printing needs and budget. Because your printing needs will change as your organization grows and evolves, your MPS program will too.


The average company invests thousands of dollars on printing, copying, faxing, scanning and distributing information, Managed Print Services can help you develop, plan, service and support your organization’s print strategy.

We believe that our passion, experience and commitment to every project are why our customers count on us for their technology needs.

Managed Print Services Will Offer You:

• Cost saving opportunities
• Complete discovery of all current printing devices
• Management of printing equipment and supply usage
• Monthly usage and supply reports
• Equipment replacement when necessary
• Six-month recurring business review
• Automatic supply ordering and shipment

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