Toner Cartridge Guarantee

We guarantee every Ameri-Tek brand cartridge to be without defect in material and/ or workmanship. Every cartridge is further guaranteed to perform equal to or superior to other OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges, both in quality of print and in quantity of prints. The customer will be satisfied with the cartridges or they will be replaced at no cost or the purchase price cheerfully refunded.

The use of an Ameri-Tek brand cartridge will not void a current manufacturer’s warranty. We back our cartridges as they affect the equipment (printer, fax machine, or copier) in which they are installed. Any damage that is caused by the use of an Ameri-Tek brand cartridge will be repaired by us, at our discretion. In the event of equipment damage, the customer must notify Ameri-Tek in writing, describing the damage. We will then examine the equipment, or authorize a certified technician to examine the equipment and submit a repair estimate to us. If, in fact, the damage is found to be attributable to the cartridge, repairs will be affected by us or with our authorization by a certified technician, at our expense.

Any damages that are cause by the negligence, alteration, accident or abuse (including failure to operate the printer according to the manufacturer’s instructions) by user are not covered by this guarantee. Our liability hereunder shall be limited to the replacement, refund or reimbursement as provided above and does not extend to consequential damages.

Why Ameri-Tek Compatibles?

Ameri-Tek is capturing the market on remanufactured compatible toner cartridges because of our In-House Quality. Ameri-Tek is proud to claim a lower defect rate than industry standards. Industry standard (OEM Brands) defect rate is less than 2%, where Ameri-Tek boasts a less than 1% defect rate. With Ameri-Tek compatibles, all wearing parts are replaced, and then filled with high quality toner. Every cartridge is pre-tested and post tested in actual printers and passes strict Quality Control standards before it is approved to be packaged and delivered. Not only will your company be able to take advantage of our competitive prices, you can rest assure that you will also be pleased with our quality because our guarantee is 100% Customer Satisfaction. Every Ameri-Tek cartridge comes with a one-year satisfaction guarantee to perform as good if not better than the comparable OEM cartridge.

You Will Switch for the Price but You Will Stay for the Service!