Dispatcher Phoenix

Dispatcher Phoenix is a powerful document workflow application. The Professional version includes additional advanced features, such as document parsing and routing processes.
As an important toolset in various businesses, including print shops and other corporate environments, Dispatcher Phoenix Professional offers important support for imaging, routing, and printing tasks.

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Grading and analyzing test results is a never-ending educational task – but it doesn’t have to compromise teaching and learning. Konica Minolta’s Bubble Grader solution lets teachers quickly and easily print their own bubble sheet tests with Optical Mark Recognition technology on plain paper, from bizhub® and other MFPs – then scan and grade results automatically, with data reports at their fingertips in minutes.

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Dispatcher Phoenix Legal is Konica Minolta’s unique solution for legal document handling, streamlining the preparation of case files, automating time-consuming manual processing and increasing productivity for legal service providers. In legal applications, time is money – and you can count on Dispatcher Phoenix Legal to help you serve your clients with speed, security and professional expertise.

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In a networked healthcare environment, regulatory compliance requires a secure method for printing prescriptions. Preprinted prescription forms can be costly and sometimes require dedicated printers. Konica Minolta has a better way: Dispatcher Phoenix Rx Shield, a simple and secure solution that leverages the power of your Konica Minolta bizhub® devices.

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Are you concerned about controlling access to confidential documents at the printer? If printouts are left in the printer’s output tray or mixed with regular documents, sensitive information can be compromised. And duplicate jobs or print jobs sent by mistake can increase costs by wasting time, paper and toner.

Dispatcher Phoenix’s Release2Me provides the solution. By holding your documents in queue until they are released at the MFP by an authenticated user, this easy-to-use Dispatcher Phoenix feature lets you control exactly when and where your documents are printed, safeguarding confidential information and reducing unwanted or duplicate printouts.

Since you only print out the documents you need, Release2Me optimizes business productivity and helps companies reduce overall printing costs – a win-win solution for everyone.

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Dispatcher Phoenix Professional is a powerful document workflow application that includes all of the standard functionality of Dispatcher Phoenix Foundations along with additional features, such as file parsing, advanced job routing, and connecting to document management systems. With its important support for image processing, routing, and printing tasks, Dispatcher Phoenix Professional is powerful enough to handle any business workflow. And its user-friendly, graphical Workflow Builder tool makes creating workflows both simple and fast. Whether it’s sending documents to key recipients, customizing complex print jobs, or indexing documents and folder browsing from the MFP panel, Dispatcher Phoenix Professional can handle all of your document processing needs, improving workplace productivity and saving your business both time and money.

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